They explode against a reporter who interviewed Silvia Pinal for exposing her state of health

They explode against a reporter who interviewed Silvia Pinal for exposing her state of health


For several months, it has been known that the Silvia Pinal’s health She is no longer the best after she went through pneumonia and sores appeared on her body, which is why she had to be hospitalized at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, so she has been looking a little more down. the actress. Despite this, she has tried to move forward and once again let herself be seen before the public.

On this occasion, they gave him a deserved tribute for its long 75 year historyfor which she received recognition at the Rafael Solana theater where they began with a brief presentation of the play “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf”, in addition to being invited to go on stage to break a cake, and entertained by a group of mariachis who They sang ‘Las Mañanitas’ to him.

Although it is a well-deserved celebration for the leading actress, there was also some discontent on the part of the public because a interview by the reporter Antonio Castañeda of ADN 40 that is causing a lot of controversy because it is notorious that Pinal already has a hard time answering some questions.

The controversial interview with Silvia Pinal that is giving something to talk about

This interview was carried out before the recognition was given to her and was published through the platforms of said television channel where she was asked about this tribute: “The privilege of having Doña Silvia, how are you feeling?” and she responded: “Oh well, very excited, there is no doubt that these are things, very strong emotions, very difficult to overcome.”

The host of “Woman, real life cases” began to answer meaningless things as to the following question: “That’s what Mrs. Silvia is like, but you are as always, stoic, like a diva, and today, the Government of Mexico City is going to give you recognition for more than 75 years of artistic career.” in theater, film and television, how do you feel about this being another award in your career?”

The protagonist of “María Isabel” responded: “This one is different, no, no, it’s not the same, oh, oh, oh, no, not even pigeon corn, don’t do it.” This caused a great controversy on social networks where the video quickly became popular. viral and caused a lot of annoyance among Internet users, who ask that they let Doña Pinal rest and not do more interviews with her, since it is evident that she can no longer answer well.

“They should no longer interview her, she no longer has coherence in what she says. Respect her, leave her alone. Enough is enough”, “What kind of interview, the lady doesn’t even know what she’s answering, what a need to see her like this already in a corpse, with her teeth.” that almost came out”, “I was very sorry to see this lady who was a diva of Mexican cinema, no longer understanding the questions, answering anything… I think she is already starting to lose her memory,” some Internet users indicated.

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