‘They made his life impossible’: Mark Tacher fans share theory of his departure from ‘Top Chef VIP 3’ – El Diario NY

‘They made his life impossible’: Mark Tacher fans share theory of his departure from ‘Top Chef VIP 3’ – El Diario NY

The departure of Mark Tacher of the program ‘Top Chef VIP 3’ It continues to give something to cut, due to the surprising news that was shared on Friday of this week by the Telemundo television network, in charge of broadcasting the competition.

Due to the lack of information that has emerged, there are several theories behind the incident on social networks. Some indicate that it was all due to the fact that the Mexican actor is now part of the program ‘Sale el Sol’, on Imagen Televisión.

On the Facebook page of a Mark Tacher fan club, they wrote a theory of what supposedly happened to the artist.

“For those who were watching the famous Top Chef on Telemundo, today they say on their networks that our Mark Tacher abandoned the competition, but they don’t say why. That leaves open the possibilities that they will blame him and say things that are not true and people will come out and speak badly about Mark,” they wrote on the account that has more than 180,000 followers.

Mark Tacher, Mexican actor, left 'Top Chef VIP 3'.
Mark Tacher, Mexican actor, left ‘Top Chef VIP 3’.
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Elsewhere, they indicated the possible reasons behind his departure: “I remind you that it was said here a few months ago that Mark Tacher had resigned from that reality show due to mistreatment, work negligence and harassment by RCN.”

But why do they mention RCN? Basically, because it is their production that they sell to Telemundo.

Finally, in the text they indicated that the former reality show participant did not have a good time in the competition.

“They made his life impossible during the days when he was recording so much that it was better to give up something that he really wanted to do. But everything passes, for something better, because now we see him every day in another program and he seems happy because his dream of being a host again came true. “Telemundo failed Mark,” they added.

Some reactions to the topic were read in the comments. “Above all, respect and good manners, I never liked reality shows, a very good decision by our Mark and as the saying goes… there is no harm that comes without a silver lining and now he is happy in his new program 👏👏😍 always supporting our beautiful Tacherman.

Another user wrote: “Unconditional support for our Mark Tacher, something happened, because our Mark is very professional, God had something better in store for him, we are happy to see him from Monday to Friday.”

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