They place Mexico above the United States to win the Copa América, according to betting houses – La Opinion

They place Mexico above the United States to win the Copa América, according to betting houses – La Opinion

The Mexican team has a better chance of winning the next Copa América 2024 than the United States national team. who recently defeated the Mexicans 3-0 in the final of the Concacaf Nations League, sAccording to the report of some betting houses like Caliente and some of its competitors.

According to the information released, Mexico was placed in fourth place in the probability of being crowned in the continental competition that will be held in several cities in the United States starting next June and where the national team led by Jaime Lozano It was placed in the same group as Venezuela, Ecuador and Jamaica.

ANDIn several of the gambling applications on Mexican soil, the Aztec square has an 8 percent chancebehind the 13 percent that is awarded to Uruguay, led by the Argentine Marcelo Bielsa, as well as the 25 percent of options from Brazil and with Argentina in first place with 30 percent in the forecast of this competition that will be a good rehearsal for the 2026 World Cup, which will precisely be held in a tripartite manner with the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The incredible thing about the matter is that the United States team that comprehensively defeated Mexico appears, along with Colombia, below the possibilities of the Mexican squad with just six percent. While Ecuador is placed with 5 percent options, Chile with 3 percent, Peru with 2 percent. Finally, Canada Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Panama are placed with the fewest options with just one percent.

Obviously, the forecast in favor of Mexico over the Stars and Stripes squad is due to the regionality of the betting houses and also due to the factor of the Mexican fans who will attend the continental event.

Imago 1493157
With a goal from Gio Reyna who here competes for the ball with Henry Martín from Mexico and another from Tyler Adams, the United States team beat Mexico in the final of the Concacaf Nations League, but incredibly in the betting they give the favorites to the Mexicans over Americans. Photo: Etzel Espinosa/Imago 7.

Without a doubt, the first obstacle for Mexico will be in Group B, where it will have to overcome obstacles that on paper are rivals, but that in reality can make the Mexican team indigestible, such as the case of Panama, which Now he will be able to count on his full squad and not to mention Venezuela and Jamaica, who will not be sweet experts either.

So we will have to wait for Mexico to have the arguments to validate the odds that place it in fourth place, which according to the numbers of its last games do not correspond so much to their reality. But in football nothing is written.

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