They report the death of ‘Pequeño Nitro’;  the farewell of the Mexican fighter by family and friends – La Opinion

They report the death of ‘Pequeño Nitro’; the farewell of the Mexican fighter by family and friends – La Opinion

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The world of Lucha Libre is dressed in mourning after it was announced the unfortunate loss of ‘Pequeño Nitro’; The news was announced by his brother-in-law, better known as Demus, through social networks. The former fighter was 40 years old. Friends, family and fans said goodbye to him, remembering his legacy in this sport.

Little Nitro was born under the name Carlos Rodea Gómez and according to what has been pronounced On the part of his relatives, up to now, several of his professional colleagues have already contacted their loved ones to send numerous messages of support, condolences and offer condolences for the unfortunate death of the fighter.

An irreparable loss in Wrestling

Damián Ramos, better known as Demus, was in charge of revealing the death of his relative, who had a romantic relationship with his sister, leaving the entire world of Lucha Libre speechless and totally surprised, without offering details of the reasons for the sad death of Pequeno Nitro.

Through his official Facebook account, Demus wrote a letter in which he wished That wherever his brother-in-law is, he hopes that he is well, asking that both his own sister and his nephews can achieve resignation as soon as possible in the midst of the pain that represents the loss of a loved one and the human quality of Nitro.

“You never know what the end of the story will be. And I believe that everyone lives the way they want now. I know you are well brother-in-law. Rest in peace little nitro 1. Rest in peace. Let there be peace. And prompt. Resignation to my family. My sister and nephews,” she posted.

Fans and colleagues react to the news

Following the publication that Demus made, social networks echoed the news and the large number of messages that Demus himself, as well as family members, received from fighters (also on his personal social networks) and fans was impressive, hinting at the feeling of pain and resignation that this caused.

With comments such as: “My most sincere condolences, prompt resignation”, “My sincere condolences to the family and eternal peace”, “I can’t believe it!!! May the good little nitro rest in peace”, “My deepest condolences to his family, rest in peace little nitro, a minute of applause for the fighter little nitro”, “Ohhhhh what bad news, a great friend and good Gladiator, God keep you in his Gloria rest in peace, I ask God for prompt resignation for his family, a big hug my Cainalito”, they highlighted among the best wishes for his family.

Who was Little Nitro?

The 40-year-old fighter, known as Carlos Rodea Gómez, was part of the World Council of Lucha Libre starting in 2009 and thanks to his incursion into “La Pandilla Guerrera” where he managed to give a complete and more than positive turn to his career and position himself as one of the most beloved small-sized characters in recent years in the world of Wrestling.

Originally from the State of Mexico, Pequeno Nitro was the representative of the fighter Nitrobut previously he was one of the pupils of great legends such as Satanico, Franco Colombo and Último Gladiador, so he was quite notorious for his great technique, skill and agility when executing his acrobatics.

Although his career had several high points, in recent years he decided to move away from CMLL and he positioned himself as an independent fighter, this had the consequence that his participation in billboards was done far from the big companies, but he managed to reach every corner of the country due to his great popularity and charisma with all the public that came to see him.

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