They reveal that Verónica Toussaint no longer wanted to take chemotherapy for this sad reason

They reveal that Verónica Toussaint no longer wanted to take chemotherapy for this sad reason


The lost of Veronica Toussaint continues to cause a lot of pain and shock after the unfortunate news was announced that the actress He lost his life at the age of 48. after fighting breast cancer for several years, which took many by surprise, as few imagined that her situation was more complicated than it seemed and that she was hospitalized.

The comedian was diagnosed with this terrible disease in 2021 after she herself detected a lump in her armpit area, which set off alarms for her and after consulting doctors, it was confirmed that she suffered from cancer so he started treatment, including chemotherapies.

Although she made her situation known, the famous woman did not stop working and was always enthusiastic in the world of television and comedy where she participated and shared her characteristic smile, as well as her sense of humor, which was something unique. in her.

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After his unfortunate death, more details have been revealed about what his last days were like with this diseasebecause even though she had already won the battle, the cancer returned again, but this time it was very different for her and for her body.

The reason why Verónica Toussaint did not want to fight cancer anymore

It was the journalist Ana Maria Alvarado who released some details after both worked together on the same television station, Imagen TV, because according to her, this would have been the third time in which the actress would have suffered from cancer, so she made a strong decision.

This time, he detected the cancer through some welts on his chest that changed color from red to brown, purple to black, so the doctor recommended that he return to the treatment as radiation and chemotherapiesbut she refused on this occasion.

The journalist stated that Verónica had undergone 200 chemotherapies in these three years, so that affected her and she preferred not to take them again since she was tired and her body could no longer go through this again, so she preferred not to do it and focus on enjoying her last days.

Likewise, he assured that during his last days, he spent them with many painsin addition to the fact that she already knew that these were her last moments, since Anita confirmed that the photograph that Toussaint published of the black butterfly posing on her hand was a message that her end would come.

Knowing that there was no more hope, a month ago he made the decision to leave the television program “Qué chulada”, so he preferred to focus and enjoy vacations in the company of your family and your loved ones.

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