They reveal the dark reason why Luis Miguel CANNOT marry Paloma Cuevas

They reveal the dark reason why Luis Miguel CANNOT marry Paloma Cuevas


Luis Miguel He is going through one of the best moments of his life, because not only is he triumphing in his professional life with his return to the stage and the enormous success he is having on his ‘Luis Miguel Tour’, he is also doing it on the side. more personal, now that he has a relationship with Pigeon Caves, who was his “comadre” for a long time but after a friendship, it ended in romance.

And we can assure you that it has been a long time since we saw LuisMi so in love As he now sees himself with the designer and without a doubt, he sees a much more different person focused on what he really wants since he started a relationship with her, because it seems that she is doing him good.

This can also be seen even in the singer’s physique, as he looks better than ever and even younger, since it is evident that he is taking much better care of himself. That is why it is assured that this time, she could be the good one and that the musician could take the next step.

This time, it has been very different for the ‘Sol de Mexico’, since he has been seen accompanied by the Spanish on several occasions at very important events, not only at his concerts, but also on important dates such as his wedding. daughter, Michelle Salaswhere they traveled to Tuscany, Italy.

What prevents Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas from getting married?

Given all this fairy tale that the couple is living, there are great rumors that they could get to the altarbut they wouldn’t have it so easy and there is an impediment for them to get married, and everything would be related to Aracely Arámbulawho was also Cuevas’s comadre.

According to the show program “Gossip No Like“, even if the lovebirds want to get married, this would be something impossible, because the interpreter of “Now you can leave” would still be married to ‘La Chule‘, because they would have celebrated a wedding in Oaxaca, which is the state where there is a record of it.

Although this information was never confirmed, rumors indicated that they would have married in 2007, but until now they would not have divorced, so Luis Miguel would not be able to marry Paloma and this would be the biggest impediment for them, who wish to unite their lives for always.

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