They reveal the possible reason why Danna Paola wants to change her stage name

They reveal the possible reason why Danna Paola wants to change her stage name

Danna Paola continues to be at the center of controversy since she made public her intentions to change her stage name from Danna Paola to “Danna.”

In all his social networksthe singer prepared to change her username, however, in “X” she did not succeed since another woman has the name “Danna” in her account.

The interpreter of “Notoriety” asked from his broadcast channel on WhatsApp to help her get the use of the user “@danna”, but this was taken on a whim by the artist by several of her fans.

Besides, the Internet user He refused to give the singer his username unless he gave him a large sum of money.

“My name has been fought for in what has been Twitter (…) then the lady has her Twitter account as @danna and I haven’t been able to fight her because today the lady saw that my name is Danna and she wants 400 thousand dollars,” Danna explained.

The user’s attitude was not taken well by other followers of Danna Paola, so the artist asked that they not attack the woman, as it could be counterproductive for her. In the end, the famous woman chose to change your name from “dannajustdanna”.

Why does Danna Paola want to change her name?

Through X, a theory has been unleashed about the true cause why Danna Paola seeks to change her name to “Danna”.

This is an alleged fight with her former manager over a contract where the singer would have been manipulated into giving him Sandra Sherezada Roldán 30 percent of all her earnings under the name Danna Paola.

This situation would be behind a legal conflict between Sherezada Roldán, Danna Paola and Universal Music which is now the record label Of the singer.

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