They reveal what Michelle Salas’ relationship is like with Paloma Cuevas, Luis Miguel’s girlfriend

They reveal what Michelle Salas’ relationship is like with Paloma Cuevas, Luis Miguel’s girlfriend


After their long-awaited reconciliation, Luis Miguel and Michelle Rooms They have been closer than ever, they have been traveling together, enjoying their concerts and even celebrated the holidays together, which has made their relationship increasingly closer and closer. During this time, the model has also lived with Paloma caveshis dad’s current girlfriend. What is your relationship like? Do you get along well? A family friend revealed what the relationship is like between the two most important women in the singer’s life.

Luis Miguel he has shown himself very in love with Pigeon cavesindicating that their relationship is quite serious. It has even been said on several occasions that she would be about to give him an engagement ring or even that they were already secretly married during a discreet ceremony. Now that the singer is closer to his daughter, the three spend time together as a family, meeting again and again in different countries ranging from Mexico to the United States and Spain.

In recent months, photographs have been revealed of both of them hanging out at dinners, concerts and even on vacation; However, little is known about what their coexistence is like when they are in private, away from the cameras and without the public around. In this instance, in recent days, Antonio Garibay, a close friend of the ‘La Bikina’ singer and father of “Checo” Pérez, revealed intimate and loving details that he himself has witnessed about their father-son relationship.


This weekend, the father of pilot Checo Pérez had a meeting with the press during which, once again, he did not hesitate to talk about Luis Miguel and his family. Being very close friends, Garibay has lived with the singer, his family and his girlfriend; In the same way, he has witnessed this new stage that he is living. During a brief interview he assured that “Micky” and Michelle have a “great relationship” and that he hopes that he will also be able to reconcile with his other two children: Miguel and Daniel, when they are of age.

He is a great human being. See, his relationship today with his daughter is wonderful. I am sure that Luis Miguel will have a great relationship with his children… I think there will have to come a time when ages are very important.

On the other hand, regarding the coexistence between Michelle Rooms and Pigeon cavesconfessed that they get along well. In addition, she assured that, from her point of view, the fashion designer will be a great support and fundamental part so that “El Sol” can regain the love of her youngest children and one day she can have unforgettable moments with them. .

“Excellently well. Divine. They have a beautiful relationship, very respectful… She is a great woman. Everything that happens in the future Luis MiguelI think Paloma is going to have a lot to do with it. Paloma will be in favor of Micky seeing her children,” said Antonio Garibay.

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