‘They ruined the program’: opinions divided among the audience of ‘Siéntese Quien Pueda!’  by Carolina Sandoval – El Diario NY

‘They ruined the program’: opinions divided among the audience of ‘Siéntese Quien Pueda!’ by Carolina Sandoval – El Diario NY

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Carolina Sandoval It started a few days ago on the program ‘Siéntese Quien Pueda!’ and her arrival on the television show has caused all kinds of comments, mainly because of the personality that the Venezuelan host has.

On the Instagram account of the entertainment space that Univision broadcasts, hundreds of comments have been read from the public, who consider that some attitudes are not okay on screen.

Among the messages that have been read are: “They ruined the program”, “What a shame again on television, there is no money to hire people with capacity”, “They should have left the two, Kerly and Vanessa, one all fancy and the other all rock.”

Other comments also showed that there are some members of the public who are happy with their entry into the show, as it adds a lot of energy and fun. “You look very good, good luck”, “Bella, that venomous, talented and energetic person, is focusing”, “Wow, how that program is going up with the entry of the most charismatic, Carolina Sandoval”.

A few days ago, the entry of ‘Venenosa’, as she is also known, had caused a stir. However, she had anticipated her comments and told the public what they could expect from her in this new stage.

“I know that you are wondering ‘And how does Caro come now to offer something new to a program that has everything?’, my contribution to ‘Siéntese Quien Pueda’ is definitely going to be my authenticity, that genuine way, I come to you through my social networks and how they met me on television, a little restrained, the mother, the wife, the daughter, what you know I am”, commented in a video published by Univision.

Now that he has returned, he has had some opinions on entertainment news, but he has also emphasized that his messages will be very different from when he was on Telemundo’s ‘Suelta la Sopa’ and he earned several controversies for the statements he made.

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