They say that Gerard Piqué “continues billing Shakira’s rib” after arriving in a Twingo to the Kings League

They say that Gerard Piqué “continues billing Shakira’s rib” after arriving in a Twingo to the Kings League


The Colombian Shakira last Wednesday had the launch of her most recent musical theme, it is about session 53 that she recorded with Bizarrap. The song from the moment of its premiere has not stopped generating controversy after the lyrics, and it is that it refers to Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí.

This Sunday she sent a message to the people who have taken the time to listen to her and it is that she wrote on her official Twitter account: “3 consecutive days of number 1? Is incredible! Thank you all for the support you give me.”

In the song Shakira makes several similarities, one of them is that of a Rolex that is exchanged for a Casio, while she also does it with a Ferrari for a Twingo. Undoubtedly, her lyrics have gone around the world and the father of his children has not ignored himbecause it is once again on everyone’s lips due to its most recent action.

The Colombian’s ex-partner went to the Kings League this Sunday, and considered that the best way to do it was to arrive in a car that has gone viral in recent days, and that is very smiling moved in a Twingo.

In turn, the comments did not wait, because Internet users mentioned that even though he is separated from the mother of his two little ones, he still needs her to be able to “bille”. Thus, They recommended “exercise your brain.”

“Whoever can’t with a Ferrari has to settle”, “It would be applauding if he had arrived in a Ferrari”, “This man is ridiculous and very immature”, “He had no choice but to make a fool of himself even more. Let her keep laughing, her extreme immaturity shows ”,“ It shows that the song came to her“”, “And why don’t you take the double of the Twingo next to you clearly”, “You really have to exercise your brain”, “He’s on fire even if he plays the clown”, “Billing? Being a clown that he is different ”,“ Apparently even to bill you need Shakira’s brain“, “Maintained, continues billing Shakira’s rib“, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the aforementioned post.

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