They share the latest report on the state of health of Rebecca Jones after being hospitalized

They share the latest report on the state of health of Rebecca Jones after being hospitalized


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The actress Rebecca Jones remains stable after the news about his hospitalization was announced, according to the PR danna vazquez.

This Wednesday the news circulated about a lung infection that the actress presented and that led her to be admitted to the intensive care unit.

Due to the above, the PR revealed Jones’s last medical report, detailing that “last night, for the last time, the doctor told us that Rebecca had been reacting very well, that the situation was very favorable and that she was stable.

It hasn’t gotten any worse, she’s fighting and the doctor said that if she continues like this, surely next week they will see her well. She has had a favorable advance. That’s what the doctor told meVazquez explained.

Given the good reaction of the famous to the treatments, the PR reported that Rebecca Jones’s illness is nothing more than pneumonia derived from a respiratory problem.

“Ever since she went to the hospital she told me ‘I’ll go quickly and go back to recording’, she really is a person who is worried about never leaving her job and that is what the doctor said, that the attitude and desire to fight that she has is surprising. she has”.

Danna Vázquez explained that the news about the actress’s health was made public due to the request for blood donors by the hospital. However, she clarified that it is a hospital protocol.

The donor request is for the blood bank of the same hospital, not because she needs a transfusion, it is protocol“, he pointed out.

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