This cost Doctor Polo’s house in Miami, Florida

This cost Doctor Polo’s house in Miami, Florida


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Over 18 years leading the programmatic bar of Telemundo, Case closed established itself as one of the programs most watched and loved on TV, and with the leadership of the Doctor Polocrossed the US borders, because without a doubt they made the Cuban judge increase the zeros in her bank account, so she was able to acquire the luxurious mansion where you live Miami Florida and here we show it to you.

It is important to mention that the famous lawyer Now 64 years old, he is a clear example of what it means to fulfill the American dream, Well now he enjoys a fairly comfortable life in one of the most important cities not only in USA but from the whole world, which does not hesitate to boast through its social networks, and now we will show you what his luxurious home is like and how much it cost him.

Let us remember that despite the success enjoyed by the Telemundoin 2019 it went off the air, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, None of the directors of the Spanish-speaking network wanted to continue it, so it marked the end of an era through the channel, which is why its leader also had to leave the channel. program to even though it was a banner of justice for the Latino community.

To date, both the program and the Doctor Polo They continue to give a lot to talk about through the social networks It’s been five years since the show ended, but that gives her the opportunity to take advantage of the things that have cost her over so many years of her career, and one of her great acquisitions was her luxurious acquisition of Miamiand this is what it is like inside and this is what it cost.

How much does Dr. Polo’s Miami mansion cost?

This is an imposing millionaire property It is located in the most exclusive area of Miami Florida and has extensive gardens and a pier with exclusive access to the sea, a place where Ana Maria Polo You can park your boats, which you have also shown through your social networkssince one of his great hobbies is sailing along the sea, and it is without a doubt one of his favorite parts of his home.

While inside, it has basic spaces which in turn are full of complete luxury that he has shown on more than one occasion through different publications through his social networks, such as: an open kitchen with an island, more than six rooms, a wide living room, four bathrooms and a billiard room, part of the house where he lives with friends and loved ones.

Another of the most attractive parts of the property is a terrace to enjoy outdoors, a swimming pool with spa, a jacuzzi and several green spaces where the protagonists are the palms so characteristic of the urban landscapes of Miami, and although the exact price of his mansion is not known, some portals claim that it would be valued at no less than 15 million dollars.


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