This is the BETRAYAL that Fernando del Solar did to Ingrid Coronado before dying

This is the BETRAYAL that Fernando del Solar did to Ingrid Coronado before dying


Almost two years have passed since the death of the driver Fernando del Solar; and yet, the confrontation ‘posthumous’ vs. Ingrid Coronado is still valid. The above is mainly due to the legal conflicts between the two, which have escalated to Anna Ferro, who is now considered Fernando’s ‘official widow’ because he was the one with whom he spent his last days.

Did Fernando del Solar betray Ingrid Coronado before he died?

According to recent explanations made by Ingid Coronado to journalist Pedro Sola, she and Fernando del Solar They had their children’s assets protected through a trust. However, in the last years of his life, Fernando altered said trust by removing from it an apartment located in Cuernavaca, Morelos; which, he wanted to donate to Anna Ferro while he was still alive. In this sense, some arbitrariness prevented the procedure from being carried out properly, and therefore, now Anna and Ingrid are involved in a complicated situation. confrontation legal.

In theory, the department of Cuernavaca continues to be part of the trust that makes up the assets of the children of Ingrid Coronado; However, Anna Ferro claims that she has documentation supporting his ownership of it; In fact, she recognizes that the apartment is part of the trust in a tangible way, but she assures that she has evidence that Fer tried to annul it in 2015, and when she failed, she named her as the main beneficiary.

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While the confrontation is still in force and none of the parties are willing to negotiate, Mariana Gutiérrez (Anna Ferro’s lawyer) explained last April, within the framework of the Shanik Berman programthat your client received a donation contract from Fernando del Solarand also explained that it contained several real estate properties, not just the department of Cuernavaca. According to the legal representative, this action while she was alive was intended to avoid future problems for Anna.

Meanwhile, everything indicates that Ingrid Coronado The alleged donation of Fernando del Solar towards Anna Ferro; even giving clues to her disappointment in various interviews she has given over the course of two years. Since the children she had with Fernando del Solar are a priority, Coronado assures that he will not back down if it comes to protecting his interests. For this reason, the Cuernavaca apartment remains in dispute, even taking into account that Anna Ferro lives there and that she furnished it.

Photo: Instagram via @ingridcoronadomx
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