This is the OFFICIAL date on which King Carlos III will return to his duties

This is the OFFICIAL date on which King Carlos III will return to his duties



Only a few months have passed since it was announced that the King of England, Charles III suffers cancerso at 74 years of age he had to be absent from his activities and focus fully on his treatment, and it is only now that the exact date in which monarch would be resuming his real activities, since it has been out of the public eye for a long time and speculations have begun to swirl in the social networks.

It is important to mention that according to several experts, the British royal family is crossing one of the worst crises of recent years, since the health of His Majesty, Kate Middletonand Sarah Ferguson has been affected by cancer and has shown one of the most vulnerable stages of European royalty that has not been seen in the last 30 years, and that has notably affected the Lady Di’s ex-husband.

And it was at the end of last January when the father of the princes william and harry He underwent prostate surgery, and although it was a scheduled operationdays later it was announced that he suffered from cancer, and although it was not revealed in what part of his body, many claim thatCamila Parker’s husband is already in chemotherapy treatmentreasons why the queen consort has taken charge of the royal agenda alone.

It is worth mentioning that a lot has been criticized through social networks and the international press the way in which the monarchy has handled the monarch disease and the princess of wales, Well, many claim that something worse is happening within the walls of the Buckingham Palacesince it has even been speculated that one or even both of them have died and are replaced by perfect doubles.

How is King Charles III’s health?

What is a fact is that despite the media pressure, the Windsor They have remained faithful to their protocols and they have not budged in terms of revealing more information than is already known, but apparently it would be the king of England, who is already ready to resume their activities, Well until now it is speculated what would be the exact date on which he would be seen in public again after a long season without his presence.

According to the latest reports, both Charles III as Camilla Parker will be present on next Sunday to Easter mass in Windsor To close the Easter, he announced Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, March 26, in a statement released through its social networks, so there is a lot of speculation according to the state of health of the first-born of Elizabeth II and Philip of Edinburgh.

So far it has not been revealed if the king has already fought the battle against the disease or if he will continue in treatment for a while, but he is ready to make his first public appearance after his diagnosis; However, the great missing of this leaves will be the princes of wales, well Kate Middleton It is not yet ready to resume its activities.


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