This is the prison in Bogotá, Colombia, where Karol G gave a concert

Karol G sang to the inmates from the prison court

Karol G sang to the inmates from the prison court

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Colombian singer Carol G decided to put aside the large stadiums and theaters where he usually performs his concerts and instead appeared at the Good Shepherd Women’s Prisonlocated in Bogota, Colombia.

A video of the singer in the middle of a prison court has been rolling on social networks, many say that this is a sign of humility on his partbecause it offered hope to the prisoners in this place.

Initially, at the end of the 19th century, this prison It was run by the Missionary Sisters of the Good Shepherd.who tried to rehabilitate the inmates from religion. This building stopped working and in 1952 the construction of a new one began.

Finally the new prison was opened in 1957 and since then the precariousness of the place has been talked about on many occasions, but with this visit by Karol G it has been possible to verify it.

Currently this place It is run by the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute. and is also known as the Bogotá Women’s Prison.

The poor conditions of the place can be evidenced in the overpopulation that there is, since the prison has capacity for 1,275 inmates but in reality more than 2,500 are confined.

The inmates report that they have to live with constant bad odors, lack of water that causes viruses, fungi and other diseases.

In this prison he was imprisoned the journalist Adriana Arangowho was sentenced to seven years for illegal collection of money and fraud.

Another well-known recluse at the scene is Maria Concepcion Ladinoalias “The Killer Witch,” who in the 1990s murdered six people. Silvia Gette, from Argentina, was also imprisoned.

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