This is the story of the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

This is the story of the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B

Nicki Minaj this is the story of his feud with Cardi B (Instagram)

Nicki Minaj this is the story of his feud with Cardi B | instagram

Well starting with the trinidadian Nicki Minaj, who was one of the pioneers in achieving massive success in the rap genre, which was mostly dominated by only men, she came to change that and inspire women to take it, to try to do what they want. want even if it is “only for men”.

The rapper “Barbie” was the idol of Cardi B. and when she rose to fame in 2017 with her hit “Bodak Yellow” was the first female rapper to reach number one on the Billboard popularity charts, which even the interpreter of “Anaconda“had been able to do, so netizens began to create an enmity between them by comparing them.

However, they did not allow themselves to be guided by those bad comments and nicki minaj he wanted to silence many mouths by congratulating Cardi on her success, and even some time later working on a song together, which is under the name “MotorSport”, currently the music video has more than 657 million views on YouTube.

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However, in one of the songs of the Trinidadian rapper, she made some verses with a bit of controversy against Cardi B.creating some confusion about whether they got along or not, but the American did not seem to take much importance, so they would continue to be friends.

Until she heard that Nicki was talking bad about her behind her back, like she didn’t know how to rap properly and even getting into her role as a mother, accusing her of being bad, for which the interpreter of “WAP” would not stop him. this way.

And at Fashion Week in New York in 2018, the American rapper went with all the intention of resolving their conflicts very much in the style of the neighborhoods, that is, with fists, so Cardi B couldn’t hold back and during the party threw a shoe at nicki minaj starring in their physical conflict.

Cardi B. He left with a blow to the eyebrow that he would hit him by mistake with the elbow, when trying to protect the Trinidadian, since then they have not had another mishap, but they did not collaborate together again either.


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