This is the unpublished PHOTO of Verónica Toussaint from a photo shoot that was never published

This is the unpublished PHOTO of Verónica Toussaint from a photo shoot that was never published


Five days have passed since the death of Veronica Toussaint and, as the days go by, more details about her life and death have come to light, such as the members of her family and even the painful moments she experienced after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she led a private life to a certain extent, it is known that she was a very hard-working person; However, certain projects have come to light that, although she recorded, never came to light as a session photographic which was never published.

Veronica Toussaint She chose to always lead a life away from the cameras and the spotlight, at least when she was away from the recording sets, and she preferred to keep her intimate moments for herself and her loved ones, so that she did not reveal many details about herself. his parents and siblings. Although that did not prevent him from sharing a little about his daily life on her social networks from time to time to stay close to his millions of fans who closely followed his career.

The actress was always characterized by being multifaceted as she was immersed in multiple and diverse projects on television and digital platforms. She had the opportunity to venture into acting and then try her luck in comedy, an area where of course she succeeded, and also stood out as a host. . Her charisma and personality were a fundamental part of her success and what made her receive a large number of awards at the national level, such as an Ariel Award for her acting work in the film ‘Polar Bear’ .


The unpublished photo of Verónica Toussaint

Veronica Toussaint She made her debut as an actress at the age of 25, only after completing her university studies and later a career in acting. By 2001 she had already made her debut and she never stopped working even after receiving the diagnosis that would mark the end of her life, since she always remained positive carrying out each of the recommendations that the doctors They made him of her.

Her works are now part of her legacy, however, despite all the projects that are known about her today, there are also others that were never published. Such was the case of a session photographic. She herself revealed it through a publication on her official Facebook page: “From a shooting that never came out,” she wrote along with a photo from behind the scenes.

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