This was Glenda’s elimination in Telemundo’s Los 50, heading to the grand final – El Diario NY

This was Glenda’s elimination in Telemundo’s Los 50, heading to the grand final – El Diario NY

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Last night many believed it would be Fernando Lozada’s last in Telemundo’s “Los 50” competition. Two members of the suicidal room fell in the elimination process versus four of the happy room.

The public’s fear was based on the lack of trust that Julia Gama, Rafael Nieves’ girlfriend, has generated in this game, however Rafa imposed his will, kept his word and not only voted for Lozada, but did everything in such a way who pushed his girlfriend to pay for the favor that allowed her to continue in the competition.

But what exactly happened? Last week Julia was about to leave the competition, however, it was Rafael’s alliance with Lozada that allowed the Brazilian not to leave the competition. Rafa had to ally himself because the majority of her allies turned their backs on Julia, who in recent weeks has been the least liked on the “León” ranch.

Last night Rafa had to pay for the favor. He was one of those sentenced, but he managed to win during the salvation test and this allowed him to return home. There he realized two things, the first was that his girlfriend did not want to vote for Lozada. The carioca forgot that her stay was due to Lozada’s team and she wanted to vote for Glenda, Brandon and Potro, to eliminate one of the strongest rivals in the competition. If Julia voted this way, in effect Fernando Lozada would have been eliminated.

Rafa also realized that he was going to have to repay the favor by giving his vote to Lozada because neither Douglas nor Manelyk González would pass up the opportunity. Being against a rock and a hard place, the Mexican decided to go head-on and remind all the inhabitants, including Julia, that if she was still in the game it was thanks to the members of the “suicide room.” who decided to support him by giving him their vote so that his girlfriend would continue in the game, which is why they had to eliminate Lambda García from the competition.

Here is the moment of decision:

Glenda didn’t expect to be the one eliminated, but the story was written that way. Lozada is still in the competition and this week we have in the final: Lorenzo Méndez, Bebeshita, Brandon, Maky, Luis “Potro” Caballero, Manelyk González, Douglas, Ana, Rafael and Julia.

Here’s Glenda’s farewell:

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