This was the day Maripily became the winner, the day Lupillo didn’t know how to listen – El Diario NY

This was the day Maripily became the winner, the day Lupillo didn’t know how to listen – El Diario NY

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Maripily Rivera was many things within The House of the Famous 4but despite all the criticism that could rain down on him, “El Huracán Boricua” knew how to give his heart in exchange for loyalty and affection. Her path to the final was not easy, because there were days in which she was a villain and there were others in which she was a victim. But on none of those days did she stop being a warrior from head to toe.

But, for all those like Lupillo Rivera who do not know why and how the Puerto Rican became the winner of this show, here we are going to refresh your memory.

It all happened one day before La Divaza’s unexpected departure. Yeah! Maripily and the inhabitants of the fourth earth apologized. She decided to believe them and they took a leap of faith at the moment when they were most vulnerable in the game. But Maripily did not want to forgive alone, she wanted to take Lupillo back with her. Unfortunately he did not know how to listen and that day, “El Toro del Corrido” ended up losing everything.

After the reconciliation, La Divaza left the house and Maripily spoke with Lupillo. She clearly told him: “I have to return to my nest and protect them, because you went and left them.” To which Lupillo only limited himself to saying, “of course.” The singer did not want to reconcile and did not consider the possibility of returning to his team.

“You gave up,” Maripily told him, but she insisted with him. She wanted to convince him by calling him to maturity. “You are more mature than them, you are almost my age, you can’t get on their level,” the Puerto Rican told him and Lupillo remained closed.

The intention of La Divaza and Maripily’s intention with this conversation was to revive the fourth land, but Lupillo did not want to listen.

So what did fans see? For many, this moment was like life itself, in which a mother will always seek to protect her puppies, no matter how they were with her. And in the case of Lupillo, they saw how a father usually seeks to take the easier side, almost always, regardless of the damage or the consequences.

Here is the video that shows how Maripily became the winner of Telemundo’s La Casa de los Famosos 4:

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