This was the last wish that Verónica Toussaint asked of her brother before dying

This was the last wish that Verónica Toussaint asked of her brother before dying


Last Thursday, May 16, unfortunately Veronica Toussaint He died, leaving deep sorrow among family and friends, who asked for respect for the situation they were experiencing. During the funeral, the parents avoided giving interviews to the media present, however, their brotherFrancisco, provided statements in which he revealed what is the last will of the actress and what they will do with her ashes.

Veronica Toussaint She is a recognized actress in the entertainment industry in Mexico who managed to earn the love and support of the public during a long career by participating in dozens of successful productions such as ‘Cosas Imposibles’, ‘Amarres’ and more recently ‘Papá o Mamá’ along with Mauricio Ochmann and Silvia Navarro. In recent years she has also ventured as a host and as a comedian. After her departure, she has left a great legacy with which she will always be remembered with a big smile.

Three years ago, the woman from Monterrey was diagnosed with breast cancer, however, she always remained positive, she continued to work hard while following the recommendations of her doctors and the chemotherapy treatment, which kept her hoping to improve and fight the battle. Unfortunately, her body did not react positively to the stimuli of the chemo, which is why in the last couple of weeks her health began to worsen.


This is what Verónica Toussaint’s family will do with her ashes

Veronica Toussaint She was hospitalized at the Ángeles Hospital, where she remained for around 10 days under supervision and treatment. After a long battle, she lost her life on May 16 at the age of 49, as reported the same day through Imagen Televisión, the television station where she worked. As it was announced, her loved ones did not expect her sudden death, so they had nothing prepared; However, she anticipated this moment and confessed to her brother his last will.

Francisco Toussaint, brother of the actress, took a couple of minutes during the funeral to thank the hospital, the doctors and the people who were accompanying her sister. In addition, she took the opportunity to reveal her last will: she confessed that she asked him that after her cremation she wanted her ashes to be scattered on the ground, so now her family is looking for the ideal place to carry out said ritual just as she wanted. that it be done.

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