This was the reason why Verónica Toussaint NEVER had children

This was the reason why Verónica Toussaint NEVER had children


He death of Verónica Toussaint It has been a very hard blow for the entertainment world and for his followers, after it was announced that last Thursday, May 16, he lost his life as a result of the breast cancera battle that she faced since 2021, but that became complicated several weeks ago and led her to spend her last days in the hospital.

Very few people knew that his health condition became more serious, so for many the news about his death came as a huge surprise and a bucket of cold water. death And if there was one thing that characterized the host, it was that despite these difficult moments, she never stopped smiling or living every moment to the fullest.

After his death, several details of his personal life have emerged, one of the most striking is that unfortunately, could never have childreneven though it was her dream and she explained the reason for it, despite having been married for 9 years and not having managed to start a family.

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Why Verónica Toussaint could not have children

The actress was married to a publicist and filmmaker named Freddy Garza and for a time they tried to have babies, but when they failed, she underwent different fertility treatments such as artificial and in vitro insemination, but they were not successful, because she lost the baby at three months.

“Yes, we talked about it, but the truth is that it was not put together and it has never been something that distresses me,” he said in an interview.

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The star got divorced and then had another relationship in which she couldn’t get pregnant either, so she knew that it would be very complicated and almost impossible for her to achieve it, but despite this and after several failed attemptsbecoming a mother stopped being a big concern for her, so she decided to focus on it.

After understanding that she could not be a mother, the famous woman decided to continue with her life and focused not only on her work, but also on enjoying life, because if there was one thing she liked to do, it was traveling and seeing new places, so he never stopped sharing his joy.

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