This was the rescue of Nala, the dog that was trapped in the snow in the US (Video)

This was the rescue of Nala, the dog that was trapped in the snow in the US (Video)

loins They are animals we can always trustTherefore, some people risk their lives for these noble animals.

Such was the case with some officers of the Weber County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Office in Utah, United States, who helped a dog that was lost in a frozen waterfall.

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This was the rescue of Nala

On Facebook, a man said that he was walking with his dog Nala when he got separated from her, he mentioned that he went to the same place the next day, Waterfall Canyon, but could not find it, so he gathered his family to look for it, however, when they could not find it, they went to the authorities.

According to the clip that circulated in the US media, officers can be seen searching during the day for the little dog that had been missing since Christmas.

In the evening, they managed to find the dog that was on the ice, somewhat frozen but resisting.

So when she saw the rescuers arrive, Nala was very happy. The men relied on a drone to track the little loin, after finding it they placed a rope around the dog’s neck and helped her climb since she was in a crevice.

Then they walked at night over the snow to get off the mountain until they reached the family who was anxiously waiting for their pet.

In recent days, the United States has gone through a cold wave that has left at least 50 dead in Buffalo, New York. The cold has caused the cancellation of more than 5,000 flights, according to the FlightAware site, and the casualties are expected to increase in the most remote areas.

Before the snow storm Elliot, the president of the United States, Joe Bidenapproved last Monday, December 26, the emergency declaration for him New York Statethe more affected by storm elliotto facilitate the federal aid necessary to alleviate its effects and attend to the affectedThe White House reported in a statement.

The storm elliotdescribed as “once in a generation” by the National Metereological Service (NWS), has caused frigid temperatures since Great Lakes, near Canada, to the Rio Grande, on the border with Mexico.

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The heavy snowfall have left thousands of people trapped in their houses and on the roads, and thousands of homes without electricity due to the collapse of the electrical infrastructure.

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