Tickled, baby elephant interrupts Kenyan reporter in the middle of recording (VIDEO)

Tickled, baby elephant interrupts Kenyan reporter in the middle of recording (VIDEO)


A tender moment was recorded during the transmission of a program in kenyaWell, a baby elephant couldn’t stand his curiosity and decided to play with the reporter who was in front of the camera.

Both the production team and the young journalist Alvin Kaundathey began to laugh because of the tickling caused in the young man by the movements that the female made with her trunk, so the scene could not be completed successfully.

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This happened during the recording of a video note for the program “Orphaned and Rescued”where the conditions of animals who are rescued in the country and how their needs are met.

This time, Kaunda covered a group of baby elephants whose parents died of various causes and now live in the sanctuary, but their presentation was interrupted several times by one of the little ones.

“It is said that charity begins at home. For these orphaned young elephants, this charity is what they call home,” the reporter said before his face was invaded by a playful trunk.

At that moment, Kaunda had a fit of laughter and could no longer continue with the speech, as the trunk passed through his ear and then covered his entire face, while his production colleagues they kept filming to be able to save that moment.

Alvin Kaunda said for the middle Ghetto Radio that he had to repeat that take 10 times even though he tried to concentrate and finish.

“I only felt the tingling of my trunk, but I tried to stay calm,” he declared.

The tiny female named Kindani lives at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and, according to her trainer, is one of the most intelligent elephants he has ever met.


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