TikTok: “Jesus Christ!”  Young man is surprised to eat chicharrón;  it is his country it is a luxurious dish

TikTok: “Jesus Christ!” Young man is surprised to eat chicharrón; it is his country it is a luxurious dish

In networks it went viral clip that captured the reaction that had a young after trying the pork rind in Mexicowell that saucer in a luxury in its country.

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Via TikTok Laura (@theforbiddenlamp) a young woman from Denmark, through a clip she shared, narrated the experience she had after being given Monterrey pork rinds to try, because she never imagined that Mexicans would eat it in a popular way, since in her country it is a national dish and luxurious.

Well, in the 1:04 min clip, the young Danish woman said that she was amazed after her brother-in-law gave her the royal chicharrón to try, because she discovered that said cut, which is commonly accompanied in Mexico with green sauce or in a taco, “pleasant ”, is similar to the national dish in Denmark.

Only unlike the preparation among Mexicans, in their country of origin, they are “strips of pork” or “crispy fried pork strips – Stegt Flaesk Med Persillesovs-, which are accompanied by a parsley sauce and potatoes.”

And said dish is not available to everyone, because Laura said that it is a food that people with high purchasing power consume.

While, after having the opportunity to be within reach of said product, he mentioned:

“This is our national dish. Jesus Christ, the people of Mexico eat our national dish, I’m going to try it in a taco with salsa. Your mind will blow with this adorable combination.”

After the above, as expected, the clip quickly went viral as it has reached 57,500 views, 6,353,000 likes and various comments in which Internet users give the young woman options on how to eat the chicharrón, as it reads:

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“Name comadrita, eat it with guacamole and green sauce.”

“Try it with beans and avocado.”

“In a flour quesadilla, chihuahua cheese, avocado and molcajeteada red sauce”.

“Denmark eats our typical dish from Nuevo León.”


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