TikTok: Let her go, she’s already walking!: Father makes fun of a couple;  it turned out to be his daughter

TikTok: Let her go, she’s already walking!: Father makes fun of a couple; it turned out to be his daughter


“It’s my daughter!”, That’s how he reacted. dad mocking to see that the girlfriend It was his daughter.

It is casual to see couples in love on the streets who show their love and affection even in full view of everyone without any shame.

However, there are people who pick on such couples as they show their love in a very passionate way.

This case happened to a father of a family, who made fun of a young couple in love who were kissing on the street.

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A Tik Tok user (jesus_sanchez19) shared the video which quickly went viral.

In the clip, a man is seen with a woman and another subject inside a vehicle. The three observe the wedding couple.

The man decided to make fun of them and said: “I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you. Hey dude, let her go, she’s already walking!”.

At this the father bursts out laughing, while the couple turns to the car. But immediately the laughter turned to shouting from the man.

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“She’s my daughter wey, she’s my daughter!” Says the father upon discovering that the bride is his daughter.

Immediately the man gets out of the vehicle and goes to the lovers, this while the companions laugh out loud.

The father takes off his belt and goes for the young man, however, he manages to flee. The daughter is arrested by her father who both get into the vehicle.

All this while the woman says: “It’s okay that it happened to him, because I was criticizing and it’s okay that it happened to him. There he is talkative”.

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The video generated various opinions among users of the social network:

Karma instantly hahaha.”

“The same thing happened to me! I saw a couple making out in the river in my town, and I yelled at him to take her to a hotel, and to my surprise it was my girlfriend.”

“The same thing happened to me with a girlfriend I had, her older brother passed by and yelled find a hotel hahahaha when he saw that it was the sister he got into.”

There is no doubt that the father got “shot in the butt”

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