To avoid violence: Santos Laguna implements the Fan ID for home games

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To avoid more acts of violence in Mexican soccer, the teams have taken some actions to control the safety of those present and Santos Laguna became the first Mexican club to implement the FanID for their home games.

The lagoon team presented through the social networks of the sports complex Santos Model Territoryexplained about the implementation of the card for the registration of each of the fans and in this way have control of each of the stadium attendees.

The FanID It is a tool that began to be used in the Russia World Cup 2018so that the FIFA and the other managers of the organization could have control of the attending fans and thus avoid acts of violence within the stadiums.

Steps to follow to get the Fan ID and enter the stadium

In order to obtain the card and be able to enter the Corona Stadium, TSM鈥檚 social networks indicated all the steps to follow to create the database.

  1. You must enter the page
  2. Click on the option 鈥淐reate Fan ID鈥
  3. Enter a valid email
  4. After entering the email, there will be a link to confirm the registered data
  5. Enter and complete the requested data, a password, a photo without glasses and without hats, in addition, you must upload a photo of the official identification.
  6. After completing the data previously, you will receive an email indicating that the Fan ID is ready.
  7. You must enter the link and enter your account and password.
  8. When entering, you must click on the Fan ID option and save it on your cell phone.
  9. To enter the TSM Corona, it will be mandatory to present your Fan ID along with an official identification.

This measure will be used so that fans can enter the TSM Corona stadium, on the occasion of the game on day 10 between Santos Laguna and Xolos from Tijuana, this being a test for the rest of the teams that wish to implement the use of the fan identification system to have greater control and avoid acts of violence.

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