To try to get pregnant, Heidi Montag eats raw animal organs

Heidi Montag.

Heidi Montag.

Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images

We can always count on celebrities to surprise us with hitherto unknown diets that they swear and swear contain loads of health benefits, but the one currently on Heidi Montag It is one of the most extreme and surprising.

the star of reality showsknown for having participated in the program 鈥淗ills: new beginnings鈥has been trying for a year and a half to have a second child with her husband Spencer Pratt and decided to make a change in her diet, in an attempt to increase her chances of getting pregnant.

For some time Heidi began to consume raw animal organs and last week he was seen walking around Los Angeles while nibbling on a bloody buffalo heart that was kept in a ziplock bag. The scene looked like something out of a cannibal movie, but Heidi says she feels so much better thanks to all the toxin-free nutrients found in organ meats.

鈥淚 love trying new things! I have always been very interested in the different types of diets that exist鈥Montag explained to the magazine Peoplewhere he also acknowledges that eating raw meat can be risky, but no more so than sushi.

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