Tom Brady stays physically fit for his return to the NFL and earns compliments on Instagram

Legendary number 12 Tom Brady prepares for his 23rd season in the NFL.

Legendary number 12 Tom Brady prepares for his 23rd season in the NFL.

Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

the legendary quarterback Tom Bradyjust out of retirement, has showed muscle and bearing through their social networks for which he shares videos and images of how he is preparing for the next NFL season, which would be number 23 for him.

At 44 years old, ‘TB12’ represents a great marketing and business opportunity for the sports industry, something that the owners and directors of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers know very well, who convinced him to return to the engramados for a new campaign with the franchise.

But the 44-year-old player himself, who knows everything he can create, uses his own products and exhibits them, highlighting their properties, on Instagram. Enter your sports brand named ‘Brady’ The quarterback has all kinds of accessories not only for practicing American football, but also others such as running sweatshirts, caps, compression socks, among others.

On his Twitter profile, Brady also shared how he keeps fit and even compared the physique of current NFL prospects to a picture of him in high school, as a joke with his more than 2.5 million followers.

Fans hallucinate with the physical state of Tom Brady

Almost 8,000 comments accumulated the post of Brady doing cardio training and throwing a ball.

“It’s still the best way to do cardio”placed the quarterback in the video, referring to the way he trains and stays in shape over 40 years old.

“Be careful, Tom has stepped on the gym again,” commented one of his followers; another described him as a “machine” because of the way Brady trains, and a slightly more daring last one highlighted the skills of the historic athlete to make the opposite sex fall in love: “That’s sexy.”

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