Tom Brady upset due to the bad season of the Bucs: “There are times when I think I’m the worst quarterback who has ever played”

Tom Brady upset due to the bad season of the Bucs: “There are times when I think I’m the worst quarterback who has ever played”

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Tom Brady, considered the best player in NFL history, said this Friday that the poor results he accumulates in the 2022 NFL season with the Buccaneers They have caused me to sometimes think that he is the worst quarterback.

“There are times when I come in and think I’m the worst quarterback he’s ever played, that’s the way it is when you’re think that everything is horrible, although it is probably not all like that, ”explained the 45-year-old veteran at a press conference.

The winner of seven Super Bowl rings is going through one of the worst seasons in his 23-year career with Tampa Bay.

Despite having the Bucs as leaders of the South division of the American Conference, these They have a record of five wins and six losses, they command the sector thanks to the fact that it is the least competitive in the NFL.

Brady stressed that in the face of the situation there is nothing left but to give the best he has in each new opportunity.

“You try to go out the next day to do a better job and recover. That’s how this sport is; when you’re losing everything is horrible and when you win you think everything is great, although it is neither of the two extremes, ”he explained.

Last week’s defeat against the Cleveland Browns by 23-21 in overtime still resonates in the mind of the quarterback who is confident that there is still time to correct the path and qualify for the ‘playoffs’ with a winning record.

“There is still a long season ahead for us; there is still a lot of football to play and we hope that the best is ahead”.

The 15-time Pro Bowl selection acknowledged that the Buccaneers must improve the effectiveness of their passing game on offense to help their defense, the sixth that allows fewer points in the league with an average of 18.5 points per game.

“I think the passing game is about confidence and anticipation. We must have a lot of repetitions in training camp to try to keep a balance and keep the guys fresh,” she stressed.

In week 13 of the 2022 NFL season, Tampa Bay will host the New Orleans Saints next Monday.

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