Toni Kroos made official the announcement of his definitive retirement from professional football – La Opinion

Toni Kroos made official the announcement of his definitive retirement from professional football – La Opinion

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German midfielder Toni Kross has made the announcement official about the end of his career as a professional player at 34 years of age and what would put an end to his time as a player for Real Madrid in Spain, as well as as a member of the German national team. The player has said that the definitive withdrawal from the playing fields will take effect once the European Championship in Germany has concluded.

With this decision, Kroos declines the proposal to renew his contract by from the merengue club from the White House and chooses to hang up his boots playing at an elite level and also at the peak of his professional career in the world of foot ball.

Words from Kroos to say goodbye:

“July 7, 2014, the day of my presentation at Real Madrid, the day that changed my life. My life as a footballer, but above all as a person. It was the beginning of a new life in the largest Club in the world. Today, after 10 years, at the end of the season, this life comes to an end,” he announced on his social networks.

“I will never forget this exciting and successful decade! I would like to thank very especially to president Florentino Pérez, to the club and to all those who welcomed me with an open heart and trusted me. But above all I want to thank you, dear Real Madrid fans, for your love and support from the first day to the last,” he added.

A magical story wearing white in Madrid

Kroos has so far played a total of 463 games for Real Madrid, the club where he He has won everything, managing to add a total of 22 championships with 299 victories, 89 draws and 75 losses, also scoring 28 goals and distributing 93 assists to his great teammates. The German midfielder will end his career as the fifth foreigner with the most games played in the history of the Merengue team behind the French striker Karim Benzema, the Brazilian full-backs Marcelo and Roberto Carlos, and the Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric.

Number 15 is the next clear objective

“At the same time, this decision means that my career as an active footballer will end this summer.” after the Eurocup. As I have always said, Real Madrid is and will be my last club,” the German acknowledged after having informed the club that he did not accept a one-year renewal proposal that he had on the table for the following season.

“Today I am happy and proud to have found in my head and in my heart the right moment for this decision.”. My ambition was always to finish my career at the top of my level. From this moment on, there is only one main thought in my mind and nothing is going to separate me from this: Let’s go for 15!!! GO TO MADRID AND NOTHING ELSE!” a match.

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