Top Chef VIP 3: Meet the first group of celebrities confirmed for the hottest kitchen on TV – El Diario NY

Top Chef VIP 3: Meet the first group of celebrities confirmed for the hottest kitchen on TV – El Diario NY

Top Chef VIP is back for a third seasonwhich we will be able to see on the air starting in May of this year, Yes and these are some of the celebrities that Telemundo has confirmed: Alejandro López, Alicia Machado, Daniela Castro, Diana Reyes, El Niño Prodigio, José Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez, Mark Tacher, Patricia Navidad, Polo Morín and Rosie Rivera.

It is important to remember that the prize for this competition will be, as in previous years, $200,000 in cash. The third season will also return with the hosting of Carmen Villalobos, one of Telemundo’s exclusive talents, star of soap operas such as “El Señor de los Cielos”, “Mi Corazón Insiste” and “Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso”.

This is what we know about the celebrities who will participate in the third edition of this project:

Alejandro López, Colombian actor famous for his participation in successful soap operas and television series, including El Señor de los Cielos on Telemundo, among other original productions of the network. This sports and travel lover loves the cuisine of his native Colombia and Mexico, something he hopes to demonstrate on Top Chef VIP.

  • Alicia Machado one of the most recognized and beloved personalities on Hispanic television who has become known as an actress and host, in addition to having been Miss Universe. The winner of the first season of La Casa de los Famosos returns to the Telemundo screen in Top Chef VIP to expose her great passion for cooking.
  • Carolina Tejerarenowned Venezuelan actress who has worked in renowned soap operas both in her native Venezuela, Mexico and in the United States. Her charisma and overwhelming personality made her perform in both leading and antagonistic roles. She comes to Top Chef VIP to show that by being herself she can get wherever she wants.
  • Daniela Castroan icon of music and acting in his native Mexico with a successful and extensive career in classic soap operas and notable works in film and theater. For her, her family is the most important thing and that is why on Top Chef VIP she will have to face her own daughter, Danka.
  • Danka Castrodaughter of Daniela, who began acting in prominent soap operas from a very young age with her mother. Years later, she joined youth productions. On Top Chef VIP she is willing to show her true personality and what she is capable of in the kitchen.
  • David SolomonMexican designer of Lebanese origin recognized as one of the best in his country who has dressed great personalities such as Kate Walsh, Eva Longoria, Lucero and Roselyn Sánchez. His work as a designer is comparable to his passion for cooking, where a fusion of Yucatan flavors with his Lebanese roots stands out.
  • Diana Reyesbetter known as the Queen of Pasito Duranguense, is a renowned Mexican singer with more than 30 years of artistic career. With multiple record productions and deserving of gold records, Reyes is passionate about cooking and her intention is to grow every day on Top Chef VIP.
  • The Child Prodigywhose real name is Víctor Florencio, Dominican psychic and astrologer famous for his predictions about the future in the press and television. In Top Chef VIP he will bring the flavors, aromas and culinary techniques that are present in his life.
  • Ivanna Jimenezthe youngest member of the musical group LemonGrass. This young woman who defines herself as disciplined, admits that she likes perfection and so she hopes to do so on Top Chef VIP, where she will be willing to learn to be crowned the winner.
  • Jason Romoyoung Mexican actor known for playing the character of Diego Bustamante in El Señor de los Cielos. His outgoing personality and mischief make him one of the most seductive contestants on Top Chef VIP and he claims to be the only one in his family who cooks well and has no problems overcoming all the challenges he sets himself.
  • José María GaleanoSpanish actor with a great career both in Spain, Mexico and the United States. This award-winning heartthrob has participated in numerous productions including La Doña and José José, El Príncipe de la Canción. He comes to Top Chef VIP ready to win since cooking is his secret passion.
  • José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguezone of the most iconic Venezuelan singers in all of Latin America with great global recognition who has also stood out in conducting and acting. He decided to enter the Top Chef VIP kitchen to enjoy each challenge of the competition and surprise with his good gastronomic taste.
  • Mariana BootsMexican actress who began her career as a child. She combines acting with hosting since she is one of those responsible for the successful and viral Envinadas Podcast in which they comment on any topic without mincing words.
  • Mark TacherMexican actor famous for his participation in productions such as La Reina del Sur and Malverde. His extroverted personality leads him to consider new challenges, such as entering the kitchen of Top Chef VIP, where he wants to learn everything to reach the grand finale.
  • Natalia JuarezMexican actress and content creator with millions of followers on social networks who rose to fame from a very young age. Aside from sharing comedy videos on her social platforms, she says that cooking occupies a primary place in her content, making her a very strong contender for Top Chef VIP.
  • Pancho Urestisinger of the original Mexican regional genre from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. She began her career at the age of 3, and at 18 she was the vocalist of Tierra Sagrada. With a successful career that includes three record productions, this young married man and father of 3 children is ready to become the winner of Top Chef VIP.
  • Patricia Christmasone of the Mexican singers and actresses most loved by the audience who has achieved fame for her participation in numerous soap operas. The affection of the public led her to position herself in second place in the last edition of La Casa de los Famosos. Now she comes to conquer and win Top Chef VIP.
  • Polo Morina renowned Mexican actor who has been part of several productions in his native country, including his participation in cooking competitions where he has demonstrated his great enthusiasm for gastronomy and his knowledge of different culinary techniques.
  • Rosie Riveraa renowned personality who has participated in several television programs. In 2022, she released her first single with her brother Juan Rivera. Her arrival on Top Chef VIP is to show a new side of life.

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