Top Chef VIP 3: What do they do with all the leftover food, within the cooking competition?  – The NY Journal

Top Chef VIP 3: What do they do with all the leftover food, within the cooking competition? – The NY Journal

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Cooking shows are always liked by the general public, but it is also true that fans have a constant doubt about what happens to the leftover food within the competitions of this format such as Top Chef VIP 3, because constant criticism usually arises when someone claims that the food could be thrown away.

Top Chef VIP 3 wanted to break the ice and reveal what they do with these and as confirmed by the production, “they are donated to philanthropic institutions that offer community help.”

Now, we know that the public’s interest in the program leads them to want to know more about what happens in the show behind the scenes, or to see what each space created for this competition consists of, for this reason, here we share some Curious facts that you don’t know about the successful cooking show hosted by Carmen Villalobos.

What you know about the kitchens of Top Chef VIP 3

  • When it comes to cooking, the contestants will have at their disposal all the necessary utensils and equipment of a professional chef, including 20 ovens and stoves for each one, in addition to the famous Market with varieties of 160 fruits and vegetables; 45 types of spices; 300 types of flours, sauces and bakery and pastry products; 300 units of animal proteins, and 125 types of dairy products and derivatives, among other kitchen items.
  • For those who want to continue enjoying Top Chef VIP, fans will be able to savor beyond the seasoning that each episode of the cooking competition leaves in Realities After Dark. This multiplatform program will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 10pm/9c live on, YouTube, Facebook, X, Instagram and Tik Tok by Beta Mejía and Denisse ‘La Pantera’ Novoa. The audience will be able to join this episodic review in an organic, daring and real way by touching the standout moments of the famous cuisine.
  • A taste of Top Chef VIP will also arrive on Sunday nights, giving fans an extra dose of everything on and off the iconic cooking competition. For the first time in the history of the competition, this Sunday edition will feature outdoor salvation challenges that will be full of tension and drama, as well as many surprises not only for contestants but also for viewers.
  • If you wonder what famous people do, we can tell you that among the 20 there are actors and actresses like Alejandro López, Alicia Machado, Carolina Tejera, Danka Castro, Gary Centeno, Jason Romo, José María Galeano, Mariana Botas, Mark Tacher, Natalia Juárez and Polo Morín. Also, there is the group of actors and singers, including stars José Luis “El Puma” Rodríguez, Daniela Castro, Patricia Navidad, and singers such as Diana Reyes, Pancho Uresti, Rosie Rivera, and Ivanna Jiménez. This season also features an astrologer, The Child Prodigy, and a fashion designer, David Salomón.

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