Top six of the best doodles of 2022 in Mexico

Top six of the best doodles of 2022 in Mexico

Like every year since 1998, Google modifies its main logo to be replaced by doodles, an illustration that celebrates traditions, remembers the birth of artists, or commemorates historical dates around the world.

This 2022 was no exception, doodles in Mexico celebrated Mexican artists, musicians, writers and traditions.

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Here we show you six of the best creations that Google published on the main page of the search engine:

108th Anniversary of the birth of Esther Chapa Tijerina

Esther Chapa Tijerina was a Mexican professor, surgeon, and feminist who was born on October 22, 1904 in Tamaulipas.

It was very relevant for the promotion of the right to vote for women in the country. She was one of the founders of the United Front for Women’s Rights in 1935 with the first female psychiatrist in Mexico, Dr. Matilde Rodríguez Cabo.

The right to vote for women It was a book of her authorship that influenced the mobilization of Mexican women to join the suffrage movement.

90th anniversary of Quino’s birth

Google honored Joaquin Salvador Lavado Badgerbetter known by his pseudonym Cinchonacreator of the comic mafalda.

The cartoon was made up of children’s characters who made humorous and sarcastic comments about censorship, inequality and authoritarianism. This doodle was published on July 17, 2022.

World Cup 2022

On December 18, Google held the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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France and Argentina they met in a match that lasted until the penalty shootout and the Cup was won by the team Messi.

The doodle shows winter boots watching a TV while the two country flags are seen in the background.

103rd anniversary of the birth of Emma Godoy

On March 25, the birth of the Mexican Emma Godoy, a writer, poet and madness originally from Guanajuato, was commemorated. During her career, she gave great importance to the rights of the elderly.

his novel Once upon a pentapacific man He won the Ibero-American Novel Prize in 1962.

Day of the Dead 2022

On November 2, the main page of the search engine honored candy skulls, which are part of the Day of the Dead tradition and are never lacking in Mexican offerings.

The striking thing about this doodle was that the letters were made with real sugar.

139th Anniversary of the birth of Manuel Ponce Cuéllar

On December 8, the illustration that paid homage to the Mexican musician Manuel Ponce Cuéllar was made by the artist César Canseco.

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Ponce Cuéllar was born in Fresnillo, Zacatecas and since he was a child he had a talent for music, since he was six years old he played the piano. Throughout his life he wrote more than 300 compositions, he also wrote 200 essays and was editor of three specialized music magazines: Music Gazette, Musical Magazine of Mexico, and Music Culture.


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