Tremendous point that Jacqueline Aguilera launched

Tremendous point that Jacqueline Aguilera launched

More forceful, impossible. Jacqueline Aguilera, image director of the Miss Venezuela Organization, fueled the rumors about the difference with María Gabriela Isler and Nina Sicilia, who are also members of the committee that moves the strings of the beauty pageant.

As was? Well, to close her participation in Parade 261, which is held in Zulia state, she paraded with nothing more and nothing less than Andrea Romero and Daniela Malavé, Miss La Guaira 2022 and Miss Delta Amacuro 2022, respectively.

Let us remember that both beauty queens were the ones who were elected by the qualifying jury of the last celebration of the “most beautiful night of the year”, but Diana Silva was finally crowned as Miss Venezuela and Andrea Rubio as Miss Venezuela International 2022.

This decision upset those who evaluated the candidates, who told what happened via social networks. Quickly, users of the 2.0 platforms took sides and demanded justice, a request that fueled a statement issued by Andrea Romero in which she requested to clarify what happened.

After several days of silence, the Quinta Rosada established a position and, through a releaseassured that the results were correct, since the votes “of the experts and professionals who made up the multidisciplinary team of evaluation, preparation and conditioning of each of the mises (sic)” were taken into account, without mentioning who they were. .

Now, several weeks after what happened and when it was thought that the waters had calmed down, Jacqueline Aguilera once again stirs up the hornet’s nest with the incorporation of Romero and Malavé to her staging, implying that they were her winners.

He did so amid speculation about his resignation as a member of the beauty committee. The ball is rolling that the businesswoman also handed over her position due to differences with Nina Sicilia, information that has not yet been confirmed.

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