Tuned cars: what are the risks of changing the exhaust

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The exhaust system of vehicles with internal combustion engines It is a set of elements and ducts that facilitate the expulsion to the outside of the gases that have been generated in the combustion process.

The purpose of a car鈥檚 exhaust system is to improve engine performance and noise. It is a set of essential elements in the proper functioning of an engine.

In the auto parts and modifications market there is the possibility of changing the exhaust to make it louder, to have better performance or simply to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle. However, not all mods help, some may have some risks.

What are the risks of changing the exhaust?

From the outset we must clarify that if you are looking to increase the power of the engine, it is not with the exhaust where you should start.

The muffler鈥檚 job, as the name implies, is to remove or reduce as many sound waves as possible. or noise that is produced with each explosion in the engine pistons, that is its only function鈥, explained Gerardo P茅rez, manager of SuperAuto to Atraction360

鈥淢odifying it is only a complement when, for example, a reprogramming has already been done to the engine to gain power or when a turbo is changed for a larger one, that is, a major modification, since a larger exhaust manifold is required. or a larger diameter pipe to release a greater amount of burned gases.鈥

RActually changing just the exhaust isn鈥檛 going to make any difference to the car鈥檚 performance.the only thing you are going to gain is a different noise in your vehicle.

So don鈥檛 fall for tall tales. Removing the muffler for the purpose of gaining power will only serve to warn the neighbors that you have returned home.


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