TV Azteca commentator Christian Martinoli assured that refereeing helped América against Pachuca – La Opinion

TV Azteca commentator Christian Martinoli assured that refereeing helped América against Pachuca – La Opinion

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América is about to play the semifinal of the Clausura 2024 tournament after eliminating the Tuzos of Pachuca in the quarterfinals, in a duel that was quite disputed, competitive, but also suffered from start to finish and where controversy and controversy were protagonists from the first minute of play. The actions of the refereeing body in this match were considered problematic and highly questioned by fans and analysts.

At least a couple of plays by the Águilas del América could have changed completely the match, one of which was played by Jonathan dos Santos, where some argued that he should have been immediately expelled from the match, but he only received a yellow card from the main player.

Referees highly questioned

Christian Martinoli, TV Azteca commentator, the refereeing clearly favored América in this match; The narrator also took up an old belief of the Mexican foot ball about the referee’s influence on the plays of the Americanists. The only difference is that on that occasion he argued because André Jardine’s team would have been favored in the quarterfinals in the second leg that took place at the Azteca Stadium facilities.

Martinoli spoke about it as a guest on the En Caliente program where he commented What is your opinion and your thoughts about what the series was between the Águilas del América and the Tuzos del Pachuca.

The TV Azteca commentator wanted to make it clear that in the aforementioned play of Jonathan Dos Santos, evidently América was clearly favored because they could have been left without him on the field of play and this would have completely changed the game since they would have brought on a defender.

“Let’s start to determine what an iron is, because Toluca’s is a specific red one.” and no one disputes it. What about Jonathan dos Santos? David Medrano continued that dialogue and explained that in the arbitration commission these actions are classified as a “gray play”, the decision falls on the central referee.

“Grey play, what the referee scores is fine, it is at the discretion of the referee, what the referee scores “The referee is fine,” explained Don Deivid. As soon as Martinoli heard this confession he exploded and demanded the operation of the VAR. “The damn VAR, when he calls you, don’t you have a little to protest?” He said.

Why does Martinoli argue that arbitration helped America?

Something that was unknown is that the operation and performance of the VAR was failing in the first half of the game, which is why during that period of time some plays were not reviewed, among them that of Jonathan dos Santos, which occurred around the 28th minute of the game.

David Medrano revealed that the VAR monitor on the field did not work during the first halfand this had the consequence that Jonathan dos Santos’ controversial play could not be reviewed and it was for this reason that Martinoli exposed some gray plays that always favor America.

“América is not the America champion today, what is true is that gray decisions usually benefit America, even if it hurts, gray decisions continue to benefit”

The second controversial play was made by Diego Valdés at the right moment when He headed a ball and raised his arms, and it was in this case where Martinoli raised his voice to acknowledge that this was a play well viewed by the referee, but insisted that Dos Santos’ foul could have completely changed the pace and direction. of the meeting.

“I’m not arguing with you about Valdés because for me any play where someone gets up to head, you can’t get up to head like that… you have to stretch, I’ll discuss Jonathan dos Santos’s game with you all game,” he said.

América vs Chivas: national classic for the semifinal series

The semi-final matches will begin on Wednesday, May 15 (today) with the confrontations between Chivas de Guadalajara and América, in a match that will take place at the Akron Stadium in Zapopan, Jalisco, a duel that promises to be one full of many emotions from the initial whistle of the match.

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