Two teenagers tried to sexually abuse a young woman in a movie theater in Canada

They were trying to see the movie The Batman.

They were trying to see the movie The Batman.

Photo: Photochur / Pixabay

Terrebonne police arrested two teenagers accused of sexual assault and attempted rape of a young woman, while they were inside a movie theater.

Canadian authorities told CTV News that the 18-year-old, tI had a date with one of the teenagers, but he came with another friend. The three entered one of the rooms of the complex to see the new movie 鈥淭he Batman鈥.

After a while that the projection had already started, the clients began to complain about the excessive noise that the group of young people made, so they called one of the employees to shut them up. When the person approached to ask them to keep quiet he noticed that the woman was almost naked.

The officers revealed that the three had alcoholic breath and that the young woman seemed sleepy, so they are investigating whether the 16- and 17-year-olds, they put some GBH type 鈥渄ate rape鈥 drug in her drink.

After the statements, the woman was cared for by doctors until it was in good condition to take it home.

For their part, the two suspects are accused of sexual assault charges and they will have to face a jury when the authorities so agree.

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