Unexpected crossover: Danna Paola receives Dr. Simi disguised as María Belén

Unexpected crossover: Danna Paola receives Dr. Simi disguised as María Belén


The presence of Dr. Simi on the event stages around the country have already become a classic for Mexicans, but the stuffed animal that received Danna Paola during his concert in Monterrey, Nuevo León, he took it to a new level.

Although national and international artists have received the popular stuffed animal –some more willingly than others–, the one that a couple of Danna Paola fans brought to her concert had a peculiarity: it was disguised as María Belénthe iconic character she played as a child.

Through social networks, the user Debanhi Lisset did everything possible to contact the interpreter, asking if she had received the characterized stuffed animal.

Hundreds of people replicated the young woman’s tweet to get it to the artist and in the end they were successful, since this Sunday Danna Paola answered whether or not she had the doll.

Also through her Twitter account, the interpreter of “Agüita” shared a photograph of Dr. Simi disguised as María Belénaccompanied by the message “Yes I have it”.

Although this stuffed animal has probably been the most unexpected for the singer, so far on her XT4S1S tour the singer has received more than one Simi.

At least that is what can be seen in an image shared on their social networks, where Hug at least six of the doctor’s stuffed animals and appreciates the love that his fans have given him during his tour.

Danna Paola’s eventful tour

But despite the affection that Danna Paola’s public has given the singer during her presentations, the EXT4S1S tour has suffered several setbackssince from the beginning he had problems to mount his show.

At the beginning of November, the artist reported that due to non-compliance by its suppliers not even the stage was ready, so he had to cancel several tour dates.

Later, once the tour started, the singer suffered a mishap while performing a choreography in the middle of the show and ended with a strong blow to the face.

And as if that were not enough, last week, during his presentation at the National Auditorium, Danna Paola suffered technical problems that left her without music for a long time, although the singer continued to perform several of the songs with which her audience identifies her.


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