“Unusual” is the moment that Jambene lives

“Unusual” is the moment that Jambene lives

Anxious to show off his new musical material, Jambene closes 2022 by releasing the first song from his next album. The song titled: “Unusual”, is inspired by an experience of the singer-songwriter himself. Recorded in the city of Medellín, it was achieved together with Víctor Josué Herrera Alexander, Eudis Ruiz, Luis Guillermo Marval Camero, Andrea Elena Mangiamarchi and Jonathan Julca. Likewise, the production was in charge of Blackie Palace and Elena Rose.

According to a press release, “Unusual” narrates the surprise that someone feels when they are suddenly discarded or discarded in a sentimental relationship. “One day everything is bliss, and the next we’re in a kind of ‘limbo,’ missing the other person and trying to reconnect. While she is here, she seems to have surpassed us and now continues with her life as if nothing had happened, “he explains in a press release.

In this sense, the video clip develops a story in two parallel worlds. The first is the beautiful memories of a love relationship at its best, reflected in a colorful and urban California-style atmosphere. Bright skies, some skateboarding and graffiti.

In the second, the actuality of the finished relationship is projected in which one seeks to return to that paradise. It shows up as a dark place, with a vintage Peaky Blinders-esque aesthetic. “There we see Jambene, just wondering what happened in their relationship and missing his girl. Sad, she looks at that happy world through a ‘window’ of what she was ».

According to the statement, Jambene’s artistic personality is on display in all its splendor. At the same time as that gift that he possesses to mix, in a single work, contrasting elements.

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