Uriel Antuna was rebuked by some “chivabrothers” at the Cruz Azul hotel in CDMX – La Opinión

Uriel Antuna was rebuked by some “chivabrothers” at the Cruz Azul hotel in CDMX – La Opinión

They say that in life there are kisses that kill and Uriel Antuna He continues to pay for the one he gave to the Cruz Azul shirt in the duel on matchday 16 of the Clausura 2023 tournament in the celebration after scoring the first goal in the defeat they suffered against his former team Chivas 2-1 at Akron Stadium.

An action that for many was inconsequential, since the goal of the Durango striker could not prevent the stumble of the celestial squad that was then led by the Brazilian Ricardo Ferretti, but that the “chivabrothers” took it as a great affront because of the message that the attitude of the gunner who defended the red and white colors for five tournaments brought with it. and that he had to leave through the back door due to his indiscipline.

Antuna He had many problems responding to the demands of Chivas at that time. and that is why he was traded to Cruz Azul where he seemed to find his true level, which is why little by little he acquired the prominence that the celestial fans desired.

But Uriel was always left with a thorn in his side due to the controversial relationship that arose between Guadalajara fans with the striker born in Durango and the first opportunity he had they He showed his rejection of the way he was treated and a total gratitude to the followers of Cruz Azul for your support. A gesture that he wanted to perpetuate with the celebration of the goal he scored against Chivas in the Clausura 2023 tournament.

A year later, Chivas fans were presented this Friday with the opportunity to make the Machine forward feel their rejection at the hotel where the light blue team is concentrated prior to the game against Monterrey next Sunday and it is the same one where Guadalajara is. using in CDMX to rest before the National Classic against América this Saturday starting at 8:00 p.m. at the Azteca Stadium.

Among some insults and provocations in the distance due to the police cordon that was installed at the entrance of this hotel to the west of Mexico City, The so-called “chivabrothers” wanted to provoke the Cruz Azul forwardmaking him feel his rejection for that kiss on the Cruz Azul shirt last year and which hurt the pride of the fans of the Sacred Flock.

Imago 1353499
These types of demonstrations against the fans of his former team Chivas, defending the Cruz Azul shirt, have earned him the antipathy of the Guadalajara fans. Photo: Sandra Bautista/Imago7.

For now, Chivas must eliminate América to be able to aspire to face the Celeste Machine in the grand final, if they are able to maintain the advantage over the Rayados de Monterrey that they obtained recently at the BBVA Stadium in the Monterrey capital.

So Uriel Antuna lives in sin for Chivas fans and it will be difficult for that wound to heal.

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