Vanessa Labios 4K is rushed from the hotel;  they accuse acts of transphobia – 24 Hours

Vanessa Labios 4K is rushed from the hotel; they accuse acts of transphobia – 24 Hours

One more act of transphobia and discrimination was recorded on social networks, after the influencer Vanessa Lips 4K shared how she was forced to leave hotel where he was staying Tijuana.

During a live broadcast, the content creator, who went viral on tiktok After the phrase “you know it as a woman,” she stated that she was forced to leave the ‘Ticuan Hotel‘in Tijuana, where he was staying.

In the clip spread on the internet, Vanessa is seen sitting in her room while she was having her hair done, and then went out to give a live show in a club in the city, when suddenly a security guard knocked on her door to notify her that she had to take his things and leave, presumably because of his attitude.

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“What happens is that, by order of management, they have to retire.”

After that, both his team and Vanessa defended themselves and accused that they had previously been mistreated by an employee at reception.

“You can’t withdraw it because that’s why you paid for a room, the girl was the rude one.” This is not the first time I have come to book this hotel, I have been working with the girl in the morning for years, who is the manager on duty.

In the morning I came and told him I had a room. The girl on duty already knows that we bring influencers, because she was recording for Youtube, and I told her someone would come up to do our makeup early and she said no problem. However, the other one got upset and is very ‘helpless’. It is not the first time that I have had a problem with her and I don’t like to be rude because she is a woman and she deserves my respect and whoever she deserves. But I will not be able to withdraw because it is a situation that she is homophobic and she said ugly things,” mentioned a 4K lips companion.

But despite the arguments, the influencer and her team had to leave the room; His departure was accompanied by several security elements who were outside the hotel.

“I’m worse than a criminal, I swear,” said the influencer.

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Why did they throw the influencer Vanessa Labios 4k out of the hotel?

Vanessa’s departure would have occurred after the “discussion” she had with the receptionist, who had not allowed her access to the makeup artists who would prepare her for her show, even though an employee had already given them permission before, and under that argument, the content creator brought her work team into her room.

Presumably bypassing the authority of the person in charge on duty, who had mentioned that they could no longer enter because they were outside visiting hours. Which triggered her annoyance and would have been the reason for removing Vanessa Labios 4k.


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