Vanessa Lyon clarifies the rumors about the departure of Carlos Calderón from ‘Despierta América’

Vanessa Lyon clarifies the rumors about the departure of Carlos Calderón from ‘Despierta América’


The Venezuelan Vanessa Lyon, partner of the television host Carlos Calderón, spoke through the social network Instagram after the constant rumors that have been registered in recent days about her departure from the renowned morning show ‘Despierta América’.

“That thing they wrote about’the least committed to the show and his companions‘ It is a lie and it was written with malice and with hidden agendas, “he began by saying on the aforementioned platform.

Lyon explained that the Mexican received a lot of affection from his co-workers, while pointing out that Calderón was quite committed to his work at the television plant. However, he explained that he would have loved to give more information about what happened, but apparently he was not allowed to.

“The teammates love him a lot and I know it. What I also know that he was 1000% in Despierta América. It seems to me that they were prohibited from interacting on the networks. I wish I could talk more, but no. But this was NOT by order of those above the channel. That if I assure you, ”he continued saying.

A few days ago Carlos, who was in charge of the ‘Sin Rollo’ segment, sent a message to his more than 351,000 followers who he has in the camera application, as well as saying that he will miss saying good morning to all those who day after day they tuned in to the morning show.

Thank you for allowing me to wake up America for so many years.. I will miss singing our hymn in the morning “Wake up America wakes up well gentlemen…’ It has been an honor and a privilege to do it in a company that I consider my second home and hand in hand with a team and you who are my second family. Until life gives me a new opportunity to tell them: ‘See you on TV!’ For now, we stay connected #MuchasGracias ”, was the message that he shared with a moving image.

In turn, more than eight thousand people “liked” the publication, while more than a thousand issued an opinion about what happened.

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