Variant Ómicron already rules the world; is related in almost 60% of cases

The Agency warns that, despite current numbers, a peak in infections has not yet been confirmed.

The Agency warns that, despite current numbers, a peak in infections has not yet been confirmed.


Variant Ómicron, which two weeks ago had only been detected in 1.6% of global cases analyzed in laboratories, is already present in 58.5% of those analyzesTherefore, it has overtaken the delta and has become the dominant one worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

The weekly epidemiological report published by the WHO shows that of the more than 357,000 tests performed by the global network of GISAID laboratories in the last 30 days, more than 208,000 detected the Omicron variant.

On the other hand, 147,000 (41%), corresponded to the delta variant, which in the previous result of weeks ago still concentrated 96% of the cases and was the main dominant strain for much of the year 2021.

The report highlights that the variant Ómicron is capable of “evading immunity”, since there is transmission even between vaccinated people and people who had previously overcome the disease and had developed antibodies.

The WHO also highlights on the other hand “growing evidence” that omicron is less serious than previous forms of the disease.

Despite this, in another WHO report also published the organization stressed that the health risks presented by the Omicron variant remain “very high”, since it can lead to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths in vulnerable populations.

The daily record of infections in more than two years of the pandemic so far stands on January 6, with more than 2,600,000 global positives, a figure that the WHO itself recognizes could be much higher in reality due to the many infections diagnosed with home tests and not reported.

Since then, the barrier of 2,000,000 cases has been exceeded in several days, and a peak in infections has not yet been confirmed, although some countries first affected by the Omicron variant, such as South Africa, do seem to have reached it.

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