Veda Horoscope and its power in Holy Week: The 3 signs with unstoppable LUCK

Veda Horoscope and its power in Holy Week: The 3 signs with unstoppable LUCK

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The Veda Horoscope, belonging to Hinduism, is closely related to Holy Week. And in general, sacred texts such as Bhagavad-gitapossess powerful predecessor resources toward Western traits, such as astrology ‘usual’ and the Catholic religion. By themselves, the Veda culture and its respective Zodiac signsrecognize the celebration of Holy Week as a time of healing, and because of this, this holiday is key for horoscopes who seek to improve their karma.

Broadly speaking, the horoscopes Traditional traditions find their equivalent in the Rashid (as the Zodiac signs in Veda culture and in India.) In certified sourcesthe subreligions of Hinduism explain in detail to which date each belongs. horoscope. Therefore, today we reveal to you which ones tend to be the luckiest during Holy Week, as well as their birth characteristics. You should know that the Rashid are still constellations, but unlike the astrology Commonly, these are represented by priests and/or ancient gurus housed in the stars.

The 3 zodiac signs of the Veda Horoscope that will be LUCKY at Easter

According to astrology veda, this sign symbolizes fire and all its strength. People born under this rashid are passionate and adventurous; although that does not mean they stop being responsible. In general, they are the favorites of the God Ganesha thanks to their sense of protection for the weakest, and for the same reason, luck is on their side during Holy Week so that they can complete all the financial projects they undertake. However, the great challenge for this Rashid is to overcome his stubbornness, as well as opening up to new points of view in 2024.

The horoscopes of this representation are usually extravagant, but without falling into arrogance. The people of this rashid, so intense and determined, are cared for by the relentless Goddess Kali, responsible for helping them fulfill even her most extreme whims. However, the great challenge of this Holy Week will be for this sign to learn to moderate itself: Kali is powerful and generous, but any desire that entails unjustified revenge will make her angry with her protection.

  • Vrischica Angaraka (Scorpion)

The horoscopes/rashids of this representation are strong character and have a lot of charisma. Since they are so competitive, the God Vishnu will give them the advantage this Holy Week: it will be an ideal period to invest, to close deals, or to finalize a pending matter related to family reconciliations. According to astrology Veda, women of this sign could also receive news of pregnancy, or a marriage proposal during this time.

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