Veljko Paunovic on Alexis Vegas’ injury in Chivas: “We are neither optimistic nor pessimistic because he is fine”

Veljko Paunovic on Alexis Vegas’ injury in Chivas: “We are neither optimistic nor pessimistic because he is fine”

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Veljko Paunovic, coach of Chivas de Guadalajara, spoke about the injury to Alexis Vega, who left in tears in the last game against San Luis in the 50th minute of the last date of the Liga MX.

The Spanish coach explained that Vega already has a history of blows to his knee and that it is similar as if he had been blocked, but that it is too early for any forecast until more evidence is available.

“The symptoms have been severe pain as if the knee had been blocked, it already has a history, therefore it is now too soon to give a diagnosis. although we all hope that it will be as little as possible, but a much more sophisticated test is needed to know the extent of the injury and how long he will be out of the field. We are neither optimistic nor pessimistic because he is doing well,” Paunovic said.

The blow suffered by Alexis Vega was on the knee while he was driving the ball and he would later fall to the ground. He was quickly treated and taken off the field with clear signs of pain.

The coach explained that the injury to Rebaño Sagrado’s number 10 changed the match against San Luis, which ended goalless and a bitter goalless draw at the start of the Clausura Tournament of the MX League.

“We all leave frustrated, there were many crosses but no real situation to take the three points, the injury changed the approach a bitWe were thinking of going with two strikers to make the most of it but we didn’t have spikers, despite the frustration and disappointment we know that it’s the second game and there are many positive things”, explained the Guadalajara coach.

Reports indicate that the footballer of Chivas kept him on ice and the good news would be that he did not leave the bench during the game, In the same way, we will have to wait for the medical report to know the condition of Alexis Vega for what is to come.

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