Venevisión will broadcast “Papá a toda madre”

Venevisión will broadcast “Papá a toda madre”

“Papá a toda madre” is the name of the series that Venevisión will premiere this Monday, December 5, at 5:00 p.m., and that brings together Sebastián Rulli, Maite Perroni, Regina Soto, Mark Tacher, Verónica in star roles. Montes, Raúl Araiza, Juan Carlos Barreto, Andy Zuno, Michelle González, Verónica Jaspeado, Sergio Mur and Ana La Salvia.

According to a Venevisión press release, the incidents of “Papá a toda madre” begin when Mauricio López-Garza (Rulli), owner of the Logatoys toy emporium, delegates the management of his company to his best childhood friend, Fabián Carbajal (Tacher). But suddenly Mauricio’s bad deeds begin to take their toll.

The protagonist is a handsome, charming and coveted womanizer who, surprisingly, can’t stand children and avoids them at all costs. One day, his accumulated waste begins to wreak havoc on the factory’s economy, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

It is then that this inveterate bachelor decides to find the most unexpected way out of his finances, putting his life of excesses on hold to marry a “good girl”, whose father promises to inject millionaire capital into Logatoys as soon as his daughter’s fiancé becomes officially in his son-in-law.

But when Mauricio is already at the altar and about to say “I do” to his brand new girlfriend, Anifer appears, a charming seven-year-old girl who bursts into the place and prevents the marriage, under the unexpected argument that the boyfriend is Nothing more and nothing less than his dad.

The scandal is not long in coming when the almost investor father-in-law leaves with his heiress and his millions elsewhere, leaving the groom dressed, rowdy, ruined, with no future, with a factory about to close and a daughter whose he does not have the no idea where he came from, to make him the father that not even in his worst nightmares would he have wanted to be.

Forced to sell his personal assets in order to pay off the company’s most pressing debts, Mauricio has no choice but to move with Anifer to a kind of neighborhood, whose inhabitants are those former Logatoys employees whom he ordered to be fired and not in a very good way. terms.

“Dad to every mother” is a story by Pedro Armando Rodríguez, Alejandra Romero Humberto Robles and Héctor Valdés.

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