Verónica del Castillo turns off the alarms: “My dad is perfect”

Verónica del Castillo turns off the alarms: “My dad is perfect”

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In days gone by, alarms went off regarding the health of Mr. Eric del Castillobecause in a video he does not recognize his daughter Kate, who came by surprise to the restaurant where they were eating; nevertheless, Verónica del Castillo affirms that there is nothing to worry about.

As she passed through the red carpet of an event to recognize the most successful women in the middle of the show, the actress revealed that she knew perfectly well about the plan of the protagonist of “La Reina Del Sur” and assured that, at first, not even her mother knew who she was when she found her.

“My dad is perfect. If not, he couldn’t be recording his soap opera. Neither my mom nor my dad recognized Kate when she arrived at the restaurant because they didn’t expect it and well, my dad is very clueless by himself, ”said Verónica.

On other issues, the also host said that the first actor had already given the go-ahead to her boyfriend René de la Parra and revealed that the whole family will spend the December holidays in Mexico as it did not happen many years ago.

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