Verónica Toussaint underwent more than 200 radiations before CANCER returned

Verónica Toussaint underwent more than 200 radiations before CANCER returned


10 days from the unfortunate death of Verónica Toussaint, Her death continues to cause great shock and sadness, since there is no doubt that she was one of the most beloved hosts on television and who, without a doubt, leaves a great void among the viewers who followed her projects closely, as well as those who were pending for all the health problems I had for years.

Let us remember that the actress lost her life on May 16 as a result of the breast cancer that he had been detected in 2021 and against which he was battling until his last days, without many knowing that he was seriously ill, as he was hospitalized until his death.

Without a doubt, Toussaint was a warrior throughout this time, as she managed to sell the disease on two occasions, but unfortunately this third time she was no longer able to do anything, due to a decision she made, as she felt that her body would not last once again.

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This is because the comedian had the type of triple negative cancerthat is, with which alternative treatments could not be used and he had to go for the most aggressive options for his body such as chemotherapies, which helped him on two occasions to combat the terrible disease.

Verónica Toussaint’s chemotherapies

Days after her unfortunate loss, journalist Ana María Alvarado announced that the presenter had to undergo 200 chemotherapies for the past few years as part of her treatment, but this time, she no longer wanted her body to experience that again because she felt “tired.”

“This third time (the cancer) manifested itself again, it was through some small welts on the chest. First they were red, then brown, purple, black and when she spoke to the doctor again, he told her: ‘we need more radiation and chemotherapies.’ He had 200, in three years, 200 radiations,” said Alvarado.

That is why this third time, the Mexican woman no longer wanted chemotherapy and knew that her days were numbered, so she decided to say goodbye to the television program she hosted on Imagen TV.How cool!” to dedicate time to her, as well as to enjoy her loved ones.

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“When they gave her this news, she said: ‘not anymore, I’m already very tired, very sore. My body can’t take it anymore.’ “She decided not to do it anymore and really, the last month she was no longer well,” she added.

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