Very sexy Ana Jurka says: “At 38 I am closer to my dream decade”

Very sexy Ana Jurka says: “At 38 I am closer to my dream decade”

Ana Jurka.

Ana Jurka.

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“At 38 I am closer to my dream decade”… This was revealed by Ana Jurka, accompanying her confession with a very sexy and elegant photo. Yes, the presenter of ‘At Home with Telemundo’ he had his birthday and gave not only a powerful messagebut even made his wish public.

Through his Instagram account, The Honduran journalist who stood out last year for her great coverage of the Qatar World Cup, wanted to leave the following message on such a special dayher 38th birthday, two away from what she calls her dream decade, ‘the 40’s’.

“Thank you for so much love on my birthday! Today at 38 I can tell you that I feel more blessed than ever, because as long as God is good for my family and those I love, the rest will come. in the right moment.

At 38 I am closer to my dream decade, the 40s… I’ve been saying it since I was 21 and I hope I’m not disappointed when I get there 😜… I keep growing, I keep learning, I feel that I still have a lot to live and do, that feeling in itself is already a blessing! Because as long as we have health and the desire to fulfill a dream, we have life! And that miracle is the greatest of all gifts.

Ana Jurka
Ana Jurka.

After reflecting on what I did at 37, Today I asked God that this year allow me to give the most to my family and friends, to give me more energy to achieve my goals, to continue working in the place that I love and now with more strength and how I want to do it. But above all it is The one who decides and takes me by the hand, because nothing I have achieved so far I have done alone and I love their surprises. Thank you all! May God give you everything you wish for me and more! ”, He wrote accompanied by the following photo.

Ana Jurka, journalist and sports presenter, is one of the Latina defenders who fights for a fair space for women in a professional world, such as sport, which has been dominated -and still continues- by men.

In fact, In an exclusive interview with us in the past, he has spoken precisely about that.: “We women are living a very beautiful moment, but we are not even close to being where we should be.. I have the privilege of working in a company like Telemundo has taken the issue of diversity, of inclusion very seriously, of saying this person is good and I’m going to give him the job based on his performance… There are many that we have been raising because we have shown that we can do the job, pBut we are still a long way from saying that this is not a man’s world.“.

But from your space He has shown that his talent has nothing to do with his gender, but with his success, which he demonstrates on a daily basis both ‘En Casa con Telemundo’ and in Telemundo sports. and that, As we told you at the beginning and in the special of the best on TV in 2023, it has stood out for its great coverage of the Qatar World Cup with Andrés Cantor.



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