VIDEO: Alejandra Guzmán makes a crude confession about Sylvia Pasquel “My blood brother is Luis Enrique”

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The Pinal family has not had a good time for a long time, as they have been full of scandals, since from unrecognized paternity such as that of Luis Miguel and Michelle Salas, even the controversial accusations of Frida Sofía to her entire family.

Practically each of its members is involved in some of these controversies, and now it was not necessary for this to explode due to information from the press, but rather it came from the voice of Alexandra Guzman.

The so-called “Queen of Hearts” once again did not drop anything, and as transparent as always, he decided to unleash the dimes and diretes again, in which he spoke about the true relationship he has with his older sister Sylvia Pasquel.

At a press conference, The daughter of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán said that she is distant in terms of the relationship with the actressespecially in these months that they have also had to make important decisions with the health and heritage of their mother.

And it is that recently various entertainment media in Mexico announced that there is an alleged dispute between the brothers over their famous mother’s theater, a lawsuit in which Alejandra had taken sides on behalf of her brother Luis Enrique.

“I love my brother Luis Enrique, and with my sister Sylvia Pasquel, because I almost never saw her, I really am closer to my brother, and I always will be, so that has not changed, but when we see each other at Christmas we we want, we have dinner, we talk”


And he also pointed out that it is not according to the interpreter, it is not something personal: “It’s not that I love one more than the other, but my blood brother from father and mother is Luis and I love him and he has been in the hospital with me for six months, and I think he is the one I love the most in my whole family”.

On the other hand, Alejandra Guzmán revealed that out of desperation she resorted to the help of a professional after losing faith and the happiness of living after facing one of the most tragic periods of his life by moving away from his daughter Frida Sofía.

“I have rarely been depressed, but I have also asked for help, I am with a neuropsychiatrist, and right now that is why they look different, because I am calm, I am fine, I am at peace, I am meditating, I am doing everything possible to be at peace” .ALEJANDRA GUZMAN

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